The city celebrates the great poet with new initiatives of high cultural and emotional value

This year marks the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, that occurred precisely on the 25th of March 1321 in the swampland near Ravenna. To celebrate the memory and the intellect of the great poet, the Ministers’ Council approved the proposal of the Minister of Culture and Tourism and declared the 25th of March “Dantedì” or Danteday.

Jesolo will join in on the celebration with new initiatives promoted by the Culture and Production Department, the via Dante Association and the local Trade Division. This synergy aims to promote the high cultural value of the single departments but also to support the hospitality businesses and the retail sector of the Via Dante area. The location symbolizes the professionalism and the resilience of the Jesolo workforce, that still believes in their work values despite recent hardships.


The main goal is to tie the name of the street with the Supreme Poet through a series of new artistic, theatrical and, in general, cultural initiatives. The programme includes the branding of the street to create a strong visual component through urban furniture, shop windows and public areas.

A series of theatrical shows named “Pazzi per Dante” (Crazy for Dante) promoted by the Teatro dei Pazzi will inaugurate the celebration. The festivities will continue in July with the medieval market “Mercanti e botteghe”, that will also host a flag-throwers’ parade, an exceptional event that will occur twice over the course of the month. This summer, every Wednesday night will be dedicated to public readings: in Via Dante costumed figures will recite the poet’s greatest writings.

Painters, sculptors, and other artists will also perform in the street to entertain visitors and tourists.

The programme continues with the branding of Via Dante to strengthen the correlation with the great poet. Coloured banners with the poet’s portrait will be set up, as well as strategic “selfie points” along the street. Lastly, the shop windows will be fitted to display various artworks for the initiative “Passeggiata fra i versi”.

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