“Borgo in festa” in Cortellazzo

An evening in the fishermen’s harbour between tastings and local craft products

After the successful debut of last June 25th , a new appointment of “Borgo in Festa”, this time on Saturday 30th of July, will liven up Cortellazzo, in Piazza del Bersagliere, the picturesque area of the adjacent fishermen’s harbour. From 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m., the public will be able to stroll among the stalls of eight artisan exhibitors, as well as taste wines from a local winery (and maybe even buy their favourite label) and choose from the seasonal products offered by a local farm. And then, and this is a real treat, there are the two Borgo stalls. The first offers products and souvenirs from the Borgo di Cortellazzo Pineta, including a beautiful calendar with photos of the area, biscuits made in Jesolo, bags, magnets, and key rings with the Borgo’s brand name, and last but not least an unexpected novelty:

BorgoAllegro, an excellent sparkling wine produced in the area. The second Borgo stall, on the other hand, will offer fish delicacies, since the town of Cortellazzo is famous for its many renowned fish restaurants. In Piazza del Granatiere, a circus show by Daiana Orfei is also scheduled. The next appointment with Borgo in festa in Cortellazzo will be on Saturday, 27th of August. Finally, a sneak preview: the Beer Festival returns to Cortellazzo on the 16th of September!




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