Getting lost in Borges labyrinth

The labyrinth is one of the city’s most charming spots, located on the San Giorgio island.

For the first time the labyrinth dedicated to Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most influential writers and poets of the XX century, has been opened to the public. The labyrinth was built by the Borges’ widow Maria Kodama and has always been closed to the public. The only possibility to see it was from the high terrace of the Centro Branca, where you could get an overview of the over 3200 shrubs, all 90cm tall, and of the series of symbols scattered across the labyrinth that represent Borges’ work: a stick, a mirror, two hourglasses, a huge question mark, a tiger, the name Jorge Luis and the initials of Maria Kodama, the bushes shaped to spell out the surname “Borges”.

Finally, the public will also have the possibility to get lost in this splendid location, that was opened to celebrate its 10 years’ anniversary, the 35th anniversary of the Argentinian writer and poet and the 70th anniversary of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, that owns the labyrinth.

The guided tour lasts 45 minutes, the labyrinth is open every day except for Wednesday. For reservations

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