How to shield yourself in safety


Sunstroke appears after prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. The first sign of the disease is a sudden, general malaise, which is followed by headaches, a feeling of dizziness and nausea. The body temperature rises, the skin appears dry and very red. What to do. The first thing to do is to take the affected person to a cool, shady place, have them lie down on the ground with their legs elevated above the rest of the body.

Soak a sheet or large towel in cold water and then wrap it around the person for an immediate relief. If possible, fill a tub with cold water and let the affected person lie down. An ice pack on the head is also advisable. If, after half an hour of “cooling treatment”, the temperature does not drop, an ambulance should be called.


A burn is an injury to tissue (especially skin and its deep layers) caused by contact with high heat or chemicals, such as acids, strong bases, and solvents. What to do. After washing your hands, run cold water over the burn to ease the pain. If no blisters have formed, grease with Vaseline oil or spread burn ointment and cover with sterile gauze.

If, on the other hand, blisters have formed, cover them with sterile gauze to prevent contact with air and possible infection. Do not apply ointments or oils. Do not remove skin in the vicinity of blisters. Warning: burns, even if superficial, can be dangerous if they are very extensive, in this case call a doctor.

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