Miglio Rosso – Discovering Jesolo between wine and nature

Those who come on holiday to Jesolo often simply enjoy a wonderful time on the Lido, with its sun and sea, but there is much more to discover here.

In fact, you only have to travel a little inland to find yourself immersed in a breathtaking landscape of lush green vineyards and luxuriant countryside. This is where Miglio Rosso is located.

Family farm and sustainability

Miglio Rosso is a large family-run farm and is an example of how a passion born of tradition can be combined with a future-oriented vision and sustainability. Their still wines and the three varieties of Prosecco are the results of work that follows the product from the vine shoot to the cultivation of the vine, all the way to bottling, respecting the territory and its specific qualities.

Moreover, as a guarantee of full traceability, they can count on the voluntary SQNPI certification, the National Quality System for Integrated Production, a sign of the respect that Miglio Rosso has always had for its consumers and the land.

Aperitif at sunset

After a day of sun and sea here in Veneto, a good aperitif is a must. To enjoy the true flavor of our region’s wines and the backdrop of a stunning panorama, Miglio Rosso offers its garden. You can book a tasting and discover the intense and unique bouquets of wines and proseccos of their production, accompanied by typical local products and the competence of the helpful personnel, always able to advise you and direct you towards the best choice to satisfy your tastes.

And if you would like some souvenirs to take home, to put a good quality Veneto wine on your table, you can buy these directly at the winery or have them shipped to you wherever you wish.

Educational farm

Farmyard animals are very popular guests at Miglio Rosso, which is listed in the register of Didactic Farms in the Veneto region and has always been committed to involving children in playful and educational activities that bring them closer to nature. If you plan a family outing, also thanks to the presence of the Salice delle meraviglie, there are thousands of initiatives planned throughout the year to give children unique experiences, such as watching chicks being born, birdwatching near the pond, or experimenting with highly original forms of art in the workshops offered periodically.

Miglio Rosso and Salice delle meraviglie also organize a fun summer center where children can spend hours of pure fun immersed in nature and guided by a prepared, dynamic and competent team.

The House of Wine

From the land to the glass, Miglio Rosso takes care of every step to offer a final product of excellence and a new and unique way of experiencing wine.

All year round it is possible to visit the winery and even explore it by bike, thanks to the bicycles made available to visitors. The vineyards, the recently restored late 19th-century building, and the lush garden create a true wine house, a place to discover, experience, and savor tradition.

This is an unmissable stop if you are planning a travel itinerary, but also a meeting point for those who live in the area and want to enjoy a relaxing break every now and then and the pure, genuine, simple pleasure of Veneto conviviality.

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