Our beloved beach

Fifteen kilometres of beach enclosed between the two mouths of the river Sile (or Piave Vecchia) and the river Piave, by the characteristic sea town of Cortellazzo. With the Easter holidays approaching, our beach is reopening its many facilities. Here’s some of its numbers. 31 consortia work on our beach. There are 33.400 pitches, in addition to the other campings. The lifeguards work from 34 watchtowers plus 6 first aid points managed from Jesolo Turismo.

Nemo’s beach

In front of the hospital in Via Levantina a new and completely accessible beach resort has been built, with 400 pitches divided in three different areas. Each sector has been equipped with 90 pitches and additional facilities especially built for the differently abled and free of charge thanks to the agreement with the healthcare company Ulss4.

Bau Bau Beach

In the beach area near Piazza Manzoni you will find the resort for those who wish to spend their beach holiday with their furry friend, with lots of dedicated facilities and an area where the dog can also come along in the water.

Blue and Green Flag

For almost twenty years Jesolo has been awarded the Blue Flag of the FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education, that certifies the good quality of the seawater and of the beach facilities. Recently a new award has been added, the Green Flag of the Italian Paediatricians that certifies that the beach is particularly suitable for families with small children.

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