Summer 2021 will bring sand sculptures back

After last year’s stop, one of the most beloved exhibits is back with a new theme: Animal Irony

Last year the shutdown of one of summer’s most awaited event saddened lots of tourist. Summer 2021 will thankfully bring back the beloved International Sand Sculptures’ Festival with its new theme: “Animal Irony”. The display will focus on the pandemic and on the return of animals and nature to spaces that were left empty because of it.

Not a representation of ghost towns, rather an ironic re-interpretation of the concept through, for example, sculptures of animals playing musical instruments. The gargantuan sand sculptures will be three: two will be displayed facing via Bafile and one facing via Aquileia, to encapsule also the newly renovated fountain in Piazza Brescia with its water and colour tricks. Here’s the twist: the sculptures will no longer be bas reliefs but 3D sculptures with a 360° view. The preparation of the formwork will begin on the 4th of May, the sculpt work will last from the 13th to the 28th of May. This year’s sculptors will be Ilya Filimontsev (Russia), Radovan Zivny (Czech Republic), Susanne Ruseler (the Netherlands) and David Ducharme (Canada), all coordinated by the historic artistic director Richard Varano (USA).

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