The Fortuny museum opens once again

Two years after the 2019 flood, the home-atelier of Spanish artist Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo and his wife Henriette Nigrin has been returned to its memory and to the city by becoming a permanent museum with a new layout. It is no longer just a temporary exhibition space, but a proper museum open all year round, a testimony to the talent of an eclectic innovator of the arts who was, at the same time, a painter, scenographer, stylist, photographer, engraver, designer and brilliant experimenter of new techniques in the fields of set design, photography, lighting and fabric printing.

The rooms of Palazzo Pesaro degli Orfei have also been redesigned in a philological sense, with the restoration of the rooms in memory of the brilliant and talented life of the Spanish artist and the reopening of the marvellous polifore on the piani nobili, now fully enhanced and a source of adjustable natural light. The exhibition has been curated by Pier Luigi Pizzi with Gabriella Belli and Chiara Squarcina. The Fortuny Museum is open from 10am to 5pm, closed on Tuesdays.

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