To live between land and water, celebrating birth

Two extraordinary exhibits at Palazzo Corner Mocenigo will bring you back to Venice’s 1600’s.


Telling a story about living and building on wetland, to illustrate the main aspects of the prehistoric pile-dwelling culture and Venice’s characteristic traits through the scientific data from the most recent research and the direct observation of the exhibited finds: this is the focal point of the exhibit: “To live between land and water – from the pile dwellings to the birth of Venice”, which is currently running at Palazzo Corner Mocenigo in San Polo.

The exhibit was curated by the Venetian Regional Command of the Guardia di Finanza in collaboration with the Regional Directorate for Venetian Museums as a part of the celebrations for the 1600th anniversary of Venice’s founding.


Also currently running at Palazzo Corner Mocenigo to celebrates Venice’s birth is the exhibit “The lagoon’s invitation: know it, respect it, protect it. Live it”, an educational exhibition that focuses on traditional local fish species, beautifully illustrated though a selection of 60 watercolour paintings by the famous Venetian artist Claudio Trevisan.

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