You speak, I see and hear

A new project for inclusivity at the Nemo Beach facility


Yet another significant project to provide inclusive services at the Nemo Beach. This time the new initiatives will be designed to assist non-hearing people that want to enjoy the beach. Thanks to a tablet, that will be provided by the cash desk, non-hearing tourists will be able to talk directly to a sign language expert, that will assist them live, answering all their questions and providing useful information.

Nemo Beach is an avant-garde and modern facility aimed to inclusivity. Its mission is specifically to be able to cater all families, with younger or older children, with people with disabilities and more to guarantee a carefree stay for everybody. The facility consists of about 400 different beach spots, with specific facilities dedicated to wheelchair users. Its services don’t stop here, as they offer a fitness area near the sea and a Beach Volley and a Beach Tennis field for all sport lovers.

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