Our Beach, our Holiday

The holiday season has officially started, with some new rules and a lot more services.


The name is J.Beach. It’s the new app for residents and tourist who want to reserve a beach spot in Jesolo, both for the free beach and for beach facilities. A digital innovation that aims to organise our sandy shore to provide comfort and safety to all, in addition to retaining useful information for contact tracing. The app was created last years and will be implemented for the upcoming holiday season.


This year marks also the arrival of the European environmental certification for sanitisation. The Venetian coast is ready to open its 100 km-long beach again. The sanitisation process will bear the mark of the EU EcoLabel. This label ensures the use of specific products that have been certified by the European Community. In addition, sun chairs and parasols will be disinfected daily. Tourist will also be able to follow the cleaning process though an online platform, that can be reached via the QRCode on the parasol. The project will start in just a few days.


Social distancing rules of the Veneto region dictate how big the area surrounding each spot needs to be. Last year’s regulations have been reconfirmed: beach spots must guarantee a free surface of 12m2, with the exception of some specific areas subjected to erosion, where the area is reduced to 10,5m2.


If possible, beach resorts will provide different paths to enter and exit the area; entry to the shore must be organised to avoid crowds and to ensure the one-meter safety distance.


The bizarre but useful initiative of Jesolo Turismo Spa for their Green Beach and Oro Beach has gained quite the fame in recent years. Book your beach spot online through the Jesolo Spiagge app (available now for Android and iPhone on the app store) and for a small price you can get the money back guarantee: should the weather be bad, the whole amount will be refunded (in case of rain of minimum 3 mm between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.) Info at jesolospiagge.it.


The lifeguard service has started on the 15th of May for the West and Central beach area and it’s now operative in the Pinewood’s beach too, after the completion of the beach restoration. Starting from June the service will be available for the whole 15 km-long beach and all 34 watchtowers will be operative. With the exception of the free beach, the whole shore is managed by the 32 consortiums.


For the organization of beach activities safety is key and everyone who works in the field knows this full well, from the owners of the food trucks to the kiosks and ice cream shops. Following last year’s trend, the local associations Fiva Confcommercio e la Fiba Confesercenti donated seven defibrillators that will be deployed in the whole beach alongside the standard equipment of the beach lifeguard.


After last year’s success, Platinum Faro, the new beach resort by the lighthouse, near the 5-star Camping Jesolo International, has become a true VIP institution. This summer the resort offers a total of just twenty beach spots and only for season tickets. This solution offers to every customer of Platinum Faro a front row 6x6m spot with three sunbeds, daily sanitisation, and a curated lifeguard service. Reservations are possible directly at the reception of the Camping Jesolo International.


The residents’ initiative “Della città, per la città!” is back. For the small price of 9,00€ Jesolo residents will be able to reserve a beach spot at the Oro Beach and Green Beach resorts (the first is located near the hospital, the second one in the pinewood area) from the fourth to the last row. From Monday to Friday the service is available all summer for all residents (for daily tickets, season tickets are not available), who will simply have to show their ID at reception. The initiative was created by Jesolo Turismo, an association deeply connected with the city, to promote their facilities and services for locals.


Music and useful information through wired broadcasting. Last year’s initiative has been confirmed for this year too: a wired broadcasting to provide music and information about the beach along the Lungomare delle Stelle, Jesolo’s walk of fame. Speakers have been installed along the whole promenade to broadcast lounge music and public announcements in Italian, English, and German. A useful communication media that could easily implement an “experiential marketing” strategy to promote the Jesolo brand, to better the tourist experience of the town and to create a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. In addition to music and information broadcasting, each consortium will be able to customise their transmission.


For eighteen straight years Jesolo has been awarded the “Bandiera Blu” (Blue Flag), the international quality certificate for water purity and beach facilities. Jesolo was able to uphold all necessary standards and to meet all 32 requirements to obtain the recognition of the Foundation and the quality certificate for water cleanliness, controlled by the “Agenzia per la Protezione Ambientale del Veneto (Arpav)”, in addition to the qualification of the beach facilities. From waste collection and water purification to the promotion of environmental and mobility sustainability, green initiatives and a lot more services like accessibility for disabled people and lifeguard service.

Catch the blue flag fluttering on the 15km-long shore of Jesolo in 2021.


The first, and therefore more meaningful “I do” by the sea. Just a few days ago Jesolo hosted this year’s first wedding on the beach, a civil union officiated by the assessor Alessandro Perazzolo:

An American trend that recently landed in Italy too and quickly became popular. Jesolo was one of the first location to organise one, initially on the Oro Beach resort, later also in the Parco dei Cigni by the river Sile. The trend is today well-spread and reached different locations: Darsena Turistica Michelangelo, by the Piave river’s mouth in Cortellazzo; Villa Giulia Beauty & Wellness in the town’s historic centre, Alla Darsena restaurant by the Piave river’s mouth in Cortellazzo; Hotel Villa Sorriso in Piazza Brescia; Hotel Marina in piazza Marconi; Caribe Bay, the themed waterpark; restaurant Da Guido in Jesolo Paese; hotel Casabianca al Mare in piazzetta Casabianca.

Info at statocivile.elettorale@comune.jesolo.ve.it; 0039 0421 359 193.

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