Sailors and dreamers

The magic of live music is back. The local culture department confirmed for the 4th of July at 9 p.m. in Jesolo’s Parco dei Cigni the jazz concert “Sailors and dreamers”.

Sailors and Dreamers represents the key to an auditory treasure chest, filled with the long-sedimented history of two Italian cities: Venice and Genoa. On this dreamlike journey between the unpredictable and the symbolic, Luca Falomi, eclectic guitarist from Genoa, and Max Trabucco, accomplished Venetian percussionist, will narrate the plot of different and mysterious storylines hidden in the brackish and elusive reflections of the northern Italian sea.

Alessandro Turchet, virtuous Friulian bass player, and the guest star Daniele di Bonaventura at the bandoneon will complete this dream formation.

The tickets’ revenue of the event will be allocated to support the project and to different environmental initiatives by the association

In case of bad weather, the event will be held in the Teatro Vivaldi in Viale del Bersagliere.

Sailors and dreamers
Sunday 4th of July, at 9 p.m., Parco dei Cigni – Jesolo Paese

Luca Falomi – guitar

Alessandro Turchet – double bass

Max Trabucco – drums and percussion

Daniele di Bonaventura – bandoneon


Cinema and theatre will be back under the night sky of Passarella. The new initiative of the association “Passarella Insieme” planned some interesting events:

25th of June, 9th of July, 6th of August: family movies’ night

12th of June, theatrical performance “L’inferno di Dante” (Dante’s Inferno)

23rd of July, “Rane e Ranocchi incantesimi e pastrocchi”, a theatrical show for children

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