Tropicarium Park & Lido di Jesolo Sea Life Aquarium

Tropicarium Park Jesolo is a zoological garden which houses over 100 animal species from over 4 continents. The park is divided into 3 parts: The Tropicarium: with turtles, geckos, iguanas, amphibians, super-friendly Magellanic penguins, colourful tropical butterflies and many other interesting animals; Aquarium: with all kinds of colourful and fascinating fresh and salt water fish; Predators: big sharks, crocodiles, alligators and the beautiful biotope aquariums.

The visit is a couple of hours long and you can take breaks along the way.  Lido di Jesolo Sea Life Aquarium is a real seaside park equipped with about thirty large tanks holding 5000 examples belonging to more than one-hundred aquatic species from all the seas in the world.This is a unique visit that will bring you to discover many environments in a bevy of exciting experiences. Sea Life is located at Laguna Shopping near Piazza Brescia. 

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