Venetian art’s exhibition at the Kursaal

“La cultura dell’incontro” (The culture of the get-together) is the name of the art display organized by the cultural association “Mons. Giovanni Marcato” with the patronage of the town hall at the Kursaal in Piazza Brescia, open every day until the 15th of July. The exhibit will focus on the theme of the get-together of the great Bassano “dynasty”, the main protagonist of the Venetian pictorial scene and of the international collectors’ market between the XVI and the XVII century. Highlights of the display will be the painted narrations, the depicted parables, the big, illustrated tales of Jacopo Bassano and of his prolific and blooming studio.

The final piece of the display, curated by Professor Mario Guderzo, is a selection of twenty engravings inspired by the work of the Bassanos and created by different prominent European and Italian artists such as come Aegidius Sadeler, Cornelis Visscher, Jeremias Falck and Andrea Zucchi, to create a chronological excursus from the end of XVI century to the first half of the IX century. The exhibit is open from 6.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. with free entry and possible guided visits. Reservations are possible at the number 0039 388 7577758.

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