Jesolo and the tegnùe

The coast of Jesolo is characterised by the presence of some of those small reefs – Venetian characteristic in the Mediterranean Sea scenario – called Tegnùe: they are the habitat of many sea animal and flora species that make it an irreplaceable “lung” of life for the Upper Adriatic Sea. The so-called Tegnùa 125, located 3 miles from the coast in correspondence of Piazza Drago and Piazza Mazzini is about 16,000 sq m large and is at a depth between 15 and 19 m;

to the east, a mile further away there is another smaller one (about 5,000 sq m) and at a slightly greater depth. The Tegnùa di Cortellazzo is particularly beautiful: it is located 3 miles from the coast of this hamlet, is 10,000 sq m large and is at a depth between 17 and 20 m. In each of these there are many starfish, sponges, crabs, sea-eels, small cods and (the real kings of the Tegnùe!) lobsters. All in a multicoloured stream of life and sea harmony.

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