Jesolo’s other face: Nature

The lagoon, with its northern appendix, worms its way into the Jesolo area between the river and the agricultural land. Here, the large fish farms keep watch over the silence of an area all to be explored, where luxuriant vegetation still protects a habitat that is intact and unspoilt, where the charm and natural beauty of every tiny detail underline the wild spirit of Jesolo’s lagoon.

Fishing, agriculture and tourism inhabit Jesolo’s hinterland with deep respect, preserving its balance and exalting the extraordinary sensations that it transmits and the genuine, natural and precious products it offers. Jesolo’s lagoon has ancient charm, but also very current intensity and empathy. With its little islands, floodplains, halophilic plants and pools of water, from dawn to dusk, it wakes up and feeds visitors’ most hidden emotions, the sensations that the hustle and bustle of daily life unfortunately suppresses.

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