A Stroll in the green..Jesolo

Alongside the gold of its sand, green is the colour which most marks the city out with its more than 550,000 square metres of natural environment – green as in public parks (there are as many as eight, open year round), green as in the country vegetation and the banks of its rivers, green as in its wonderful pine grove. Jesolo is encompassed by two rivers like a precious pearl washed by the sea on one side and the lagoon on the other. Immerse yourself in a natural, verdant and unique ecosystem.

And on the subject of the pine grove, it is precisely this which makes a stroll all the more attractive with colours which change in different lights and weathers, the Muri d’Arte route. For years artists have let out all their creativity directly on the walls of the houses and bars in this green haven. Nature turns itself into art. And viceversa.

For info: www.visitjesolo.it

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