An Archistar hunt

Kenzo Tange, Carlos Ferrater, Goncalo Byrne, Richard Meier, Zaha Hadid. These are some of the most famous of the architects who have redesigned Jesolo over recent years. The idea behind the project is bringing this Veneto city closer, in both concept and substance, to a modern beach city building upwards while at the same time in perfect symbiosis and harmony with low density accommodation. Renovating and relaunching the coastal skyline with elegant and sophisticated buildings representing the symbolic and emblematic heart of the resort’s new avant-garde and cosmopolitan face.

A stroll around the city in a search for its ‘brand name’ buildings by one of these architecture stars is a good day out in the event that the sun decides to hide from you. Here are a few hints: Carlo Ferrater designed the Piazza Mazzini tower, Richard Meier the Via Levantina buildings, Goncalo Byrne the Merville tower on Viale Oriente…


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