The Ancient Walls and the thousand-year old history of Jesolo

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Basilica of San Mauro

Witness to a thousand years of history, the archaeological site of the Antiche Mura (the Ancient Walls) is located in the historic centre of Jesolo, along the street with the same name. Research in the area began many years ago to study the ruins of buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.


The Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta was, until its suppression, the Cathedral of the diocese of Equilio (Jesolo’s ancient name) and one of the most important in the Venetian Lagoon, second only to the Basilica di San Marco. The building had a Latin cross plan, and a vast cemetery area was also discovered during excavations. Legend says that the destruction of the church was brought on by Attila, the King of the Huns. 


Not far from the cathedral are the remains of a second church that was part of a monastery complex dedicated to San Mauro, which were submerged in vegetation. Although the presence of the remains of the church was known and highlighted on numerous maps, it was ‘rediscovered’ during a series of archaeological excavations in 1954, uncovering, in fact, a small church: the complex was definitively abandoned in the 12th century, due to adverse environmental conditions. In 2018, excavations also brought to light the remains of the monastery bell tower and a cemetery area, the existence of which was unknown.

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